AffiliationUniversity of West Bohemia
Paper titleStandardization supporting future smart cities – a case of BIM/GIS and 3D cadastre
AbstractThe aim of the paper is to give an overview of selected ongoing ISO standardization activities in the domain of geographic information dealing with BIM/GIS and 3D cadastre. The presented international standards have also a close relation to the activities (e.g. 3D spatial planning) from which the smart cities could benefit. In particular, in this paper the ISO 19152 Geographic information – Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) standard and ISO 19166 Geographic information – BIM to GIS conceptual mapping (B2GM) standard (still under development) are emphasized. Both mentioned standards also strongly interrelates with each other. The ISO 19152 standard supports the smart registration of real estates by providing a conceptual schema incorporating 3D parcels, i.e. the 3D cadastre. 3D cadastre can provide the accurate, authoritative and unambiguous foundation for understanding the urban form. The second version of the ISO 19152 is also going to be extended to manage the spatial planning information. This enables 3D spatial planning in connection with the legal information, which is all together of big importance for building the smart cities. Furthermore, the ISO 19166 standard is going to provide a conceptual framework for transformation of BIM into GIS (at various level of details) and vice versa. This enables a wider use of on principle very detailed and semantically rich 3D digital BIM data in building of the 3D cadastre and smart cities GIS projects.
TopicSmart cities and regions