AffiliationUniversity of Defence Brno
Paper titleSMART defence – shared geospatial support in NATO
AbstractSmart defence in NATO may in its very nature represent not only automated remote solutions for battle activities, but optimized and efficient system of geospatial support of deployed units as well. The objective of this study is to uncover the essence of allied geospatial support mechanism, determine critical spots and propose appropriate system enhancements. Wealth of experience of members of the Armed forces of the Czech Republic was utilised to summarize the state of geospatial support in NATO. It is preferentially experience from foreign operations ISAF and KFOR, cooperation with NATO Headquarters SHAPE and from participation in Multinational Geospatial Support Group. Presented proposals for improvements of geospatial support might have significant impact on intelligence service and military units themselves.
TopicGeoinformation infrastructures and ecosystems