GIS Ostrava 2020

Klíčoví řečníci

Gerhard Navratil, Senior Researcher @ research group Geoinformation, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation, Vienna University of Technology

Blaž Zupan (Univ. Of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Data Science for Everyone!?

Machine learning methods are drivers of change in sciences and engineering. The computational approaches that can sip through vast collections of data, extract interesting patterns, and devise predictive models are becoming omnipresent. Only a few professionals understand the basics of data science, and even fewer engage in building models using their data. In this talk, I will explain how anybody who can spare a few hours can learn the essential mechanics behind data mining so that after a short training the professionals can gain enough intuition about data science to recognize opportunities that this field can offer and actively engage in data science projects. The key ingredient for such training is — besides good mentors and encouraging working environment — the right tool, where workflow-based construction of analytical pipelines with interactive visualizations can be the key to simplicity, explorative data analysis, and flexibility to be able to adopt analytics to any data and problems. I will illustrate the use of such a tool on practical cases that will include image analytics and geodata analysis.