How to get to the New Hall of VSB-Technical University of Ostrava?


Close airports:

  1. Ostrava Airport (OSR) transfers:
    • by train to Ostrava-Svinov Train Station, then by Urban Public Transport UPT (see By train) or by taxi.
    • by taxi
  2. Prague Airport (PRG) – transfer Airport Express BUS - Prague Main Station (trains SC, EC, IC, LEO Express or RegioJet) to Ostrava-Svinov Train Station
  3. Vienna Airport (VIE) - Vienna Main Station - change the train to Ostrava-Svinov (see By train)
  4. Katowice Airport (KTW) transfers:
    • by Flixbus to Ostrava Main Train Station, then UPT from the tram stop "Hlavní nádraží" (TRAM 8 – direction "Vřesinská") to the tram stop "Hlavní třída"
    • by a local bus to Katowice Central Bus Station, then by Leo Express (bus) to Ostrava-Svinov Train Station (see By train)


The recommended train station is „Ostrava-Svinov“.

Train time tables and usually also train tickets can be bought.

More information: +420 221 111 122 (ČD information)

Prague – Ostrava and return:

Vienna – Ostrava and return:

UPT from the Ostrava-Svinov Train Station to the venue: from the tram stop "Svinov mosty h.z." (TRAM – 7, 8, 17 – direction "Vřesinská") to the tram stop "Hlavní třída".


Preferable to „Ostrava-Svinov“ train station. Another option is the Ostrava Central Bus Station „UAN“ in the city centre.

UPT from Ostrava UAN: from the tram stop "Náměstí republiky" (TRAM – 8 – direction "Vřesinská") to the tram stop "Hlavní třída".

Central Bus Station (Ústřední autobusové nádraží (ÚAN))

Address:Vítkovická 5, 702 00 Moravská Ostrava
Phone: +420 596 632 634


From Praha, Bratislava or Katowice – highway D1.

VSB-Technical University campus is situated in the city part Ostrava-Poruba on the street "17.listopadu". Parking places are available in the area near the New Hall.

Distance – Europe

Berlin 540 km
Bratislava 300 km
Prague 380 km
Warsaw 390 km
Vienna 310 km


Taxi is available at train stations. They usually accept Euros.

City Taxi Ostrava: toll free 800 290 000

Taxi Sprint Group: toll free 800 290 290


No paper tickets can be bought. You can pay by a contactless VISA/MasterCard card in the vehicle (just attach the card to the terminal on the vehicle) or buy an anonymous credit card on important stops (i.e. on the train station).


More information: +420 597 608 508 (non-stop info-line);

How to get to the Hotel at students' Hostel?

Studentská 1770/1
700 32 Ostrava – Poruba
Phone: +420 596 996 155

By public transport from the railway station Ostrava - Svinov