Web Processing Service with GeoServer (Jan Růžička, Ph.D., VSB-TUO)

GeoServer is a tool for building a node of a geoinformation infrastructure. It supports via WPS Extension Web Processing Service protocol to run geospatial analyzes on a remote machine.

Web Processing Services can be build with different tools, but the workshop is focused on using Java language and GeoTools library. We are going to start with simple Hello World WPS, but basic knowledge of Java language (or similar e.q. C#, C or PHP) would be usefull.

We are going to develop basic WPS using ESRI Shapefile and spatial operations. Our WPS is going to serve results as WMS (Web Map Service) and WFS (Web Feature Service) services. We are going to use PostGIS database and pgRouting extension to create WPS that will perform simple networking analyzes (shortest path search).