Smart technologies change the world around us. The vision of smart cities and smart regions are implemented in various projects and initiatives. Geoinformation technologies play an important role in the design and development of such cities and regions especially in management of cities and regions, transport or environment protection. We can meet smart transportation management, e-parking, solutions for technical infrastructures, development of smart buildings and technological complexes, sensor networks for various needs from environmental monitoring to household controls and health applications, design and utilization of digital models of cities and regions for i.e. simulations of urban studies, new projects in emergency planning. The connection between smart cities and geoinformation technologies does not represent one-way flow where GIT support smart applications. A substantial part of the Smart City development is BIM. Improved utilization of information and communication technologies brings new data, new services or substantial increasing of their level, and new challenges for GIT development including big data, fast internet, building information modelling, or new economic models of services.

The objectives of the symposium is to introduce examples and best practices of strategies and implementation of smart technologies in cities, regions, as well as in other fields of applications and to discuss issues and challenges of geodata and geoinformation technologies in the context of smart cities and smart regions.


The history of prior years of the conference GIS Ostrava is available here.