GIS Ostrava 2020




Fast growing of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and development of Smart Cities/Regions are opening new possibilities and challenges in providing and utilization of up-to-date information about various spatial features and phenomena shaping our world. Such information needs to be provided from changing locations, sometimes a with short time latency or with a high update rate and practically always at the lowest possible costs. In all these factors UAVs can excel as they proved to be an effective tool for a variety of mapping and monitoring purposes. Besides that, many UAV applications not targeting on a spatial data collection are already in an operational usage or under a development. The goal of GIS Ostrava 2020 - UAV in Smart City and Smart Region is to provide a high-quality forum for presentations and discussions of complex variety of issues related to usage of UAVs in support of Smart Cities and Smart Regions.


The history of prior years of the conference GIS Ostrava is available here.